The compensation rule means that students can compensate ONE insufficient Bachelor 1 course grade (that has been registered in Osiris) if they meet the following conditions:

  • You have passed ALL other Bachelor 1 courses - except for this one course you would like to compensate. The final (overall) course grade which you want to compensate is between 4.5 and 5.4;
  • You have at least one rounded 7 (6.5 or higher) on your bachelor 1 grade list. This can be any course, regardless of the amount of credits (EC) of that course;
  • You are a first (or second*) year bachelor student. 

If you are eligible for the B1 compensation rule, then...

  • … it will be processed automatically so you do not have to submit a request for this.
  • … your compensated (insufficient) result will be visible on your graduation transcript, and it will count towards your GPA.
  • … you are allowed to retake the compensated course for a higher grade during your IBA programme. Keep in mind that you also have to retake passed assignment(s) in order to obtain a new final overall grade, see article 4.2 point 3 of the TER and that retaking a course might have consequences for the (Summa) Cum Laude classification.


*The compensation rule also applies to second year bachelor students who still have to obtain 1 or 2 courses of their 1st bachelor year: