Our student advisers provide the students professional help, advice and guidance during the studies at RSM. You can contact the student adviser for several reasons, for example regarding:

  • Doubts about your choice of study
  • Your study methods and planning skills. How to prevent (possible) study delay,
  • Disappointing study results so far,
  • Personal circumstances (illness, family matters etc.) that affect your study performance.

Relevant for first year students

First year students with insufficient study results are urged after each exam period for to meet with the student adviser. 

In the case of personal circumstances, the student must inform the student adviser within four weeks of the commencement of the circumstances but no later than the 1st of July. For more detailed info about the student advisers, their contact info and availability, please click here.

The student advisers have a preparatory and mediating role concerning the statutory required advice at the end of the first year with regard to the Binding Study Advice (BSA).