In the case that you have decided to quit with the IBA programme - this can have various reasons, for example due to poor study results, difference choice of study programme, etcetera., please complete the necessary steps listed below with regard to your IBA de-registration.

De-register for the IBA programme through Studielink and request of a (partly) refund of your tuition fee (if applicable). Click here for more detailed info with regard to de-registration through Studielink and refund of tuition fees and consequences for your study grant and OV-travel-card from DUO (if applicable).

If you de-register before 1 February during your first year of study after receiving a negative Provisional Study Advice (sent in December), you will not be issued a negative Binding Study Advice. 

Leaving the Netherlands? Deregister yourself at City Hall 

When you leave the Netherlands, you have to deregister at City Hall. It is recommended to deregister yourself a month before leaving the Netherlands. If you live outside of Rotterdam, you should contact your local City Hall for information about arranging your deregistration. More information about (de)registration at City Hall can be found on this webpage of the EUR or City Hall.