Students who the Examination Board intends to give a negative BSA, will receive an e-mail about this in mid-August. Those students will get the opportunity to be heard (via a short, personal talk) by the Examination Board before the final study advice is going to be determined. 

The hearings are meant for students who have failed to achieve the BSA standard due to compelling personal circumstances that have not been reported so far to the student advisers of RSM or EUR student counsellors. There must be a clear relationship between the circumstances and the non-completed courses of the 1st year. In addition, the obtained bachelor 1 courses must demonstrate a convincing suitability for the continuation of the program (level of grades and GPA). The outcome of the hearing will be taken into account when the final Binding Study Advice will be issued by the Examination Board before the end of August.

The hearings of academic year 2023 - 2024 will take place in the end of August.