The RSM BSc Honours Programme has been re-designed for 2024-2025 and will now focus on:

'Trends and opportunities in tech-based industries: Entrepreneurship, innovation, corporate growth and industrial clusters'.

The RSM BSc Honours programme provides students with a broad understanding of the trends and opportunities in tech-based industries and its impact on the global economy and society. To accomplish this, the course applies in-depth knowledge and analytical perspectives from the worlds of entrepreneurship, innovation, corporate growth and industrial clusters. 

It is open for a small number of second-year Bachelor students, from both the IBA and the BA programme and will be conducted in the English language. The Honours Programme is extra-curricular and has mandatory attendance requirements for all sessions. Upon successful completion, students will be rewarded with 15 extra-curricular credits.

Schedule of the 2024-2025 programme

The Honours Programme starts at the beginning of November 2024 and continues until June the year after. 

  • There will be approximately 12 plenary lectures, most likely held on Thursday mornings from 11:00 – 13:45 (schedule is still subject to change)
  • The programme includes three 2-day off-campus challenges with company research and consultancy projects in the Netherlands: 
    • At the Space business campus Noordwijk
    • At the Westland Horticultural Centre
    • At the National Jenever/Gin Museum, Schiedam (all three located in the province of South Holland)
  • One-day Masterclass Insight into Foresight: Methods and applications
  • Five-and-a-half-day study trip to the University of Oulu, Finland during your Spring break from : March 30 – April 4, 2025

If you decide to apply for the Honours Programme, bear in mind that all Honours sessions have mandatory attendance requirements, next to your mandatory Bachelor 2 workshops/sessions.

Programme costs

Participation in the RSM Honours Programme will require the student to purchase the return ticket to Oulu, Finland and a personal contribution of 200 euros. The rest of the costs associated with the Honours Programme will be paid for by RSM, which covers the accommodation, meals, bus transportation in Finland, as well as the three 2-day challenges in the Netherlands with company research and consultancy projects, transportation, dinners etc.


Students successfully completing the RSM Honours Programme will be awarded 15 extracurricular credits. Moreover, students will receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation from the Dean

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