The RSM BSc Honours Programme 'Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Lessons from Silicon Valley' 2023-2024 will be open for 40 second-year Bachelor students in total, from both the IBA and the BA programme. The Honours programme will be conducted in the English language.

Schedule of the 2023-2024 programme

The RSM Honours Programme is scheduled in block 6, 7 and 8 of the Bachelor (schedule is still subject to change):

  • The programme starts at the beginning of November 2023 and continues until June of the year after. 
  • All plenary sessions have mandatory attendance requirements and are mostly scheduled on Thursdays (schedule for the Spring semester 2024 is still subject to change). 
  • The programme includes three compulsory two-day off-campus company challenges, including evening programme and accommodation.
  • Moreover, a compulsory field trip to Silicon Valley is included, planned presumably from Saturday 30 March - Sunday 7 April 2024. (Deviations from our schedule are not possible)
  • You can consult the academic calendar of 2023-2024 here.

Programme costs

Participation in the RSM Honours Programme - including the trip to Silicon Valley in the United States - will require a personal contribution of 400 euros, due by the start of the first lecture at the latest. The remaining costs will be paid for by RSM. 


  • Students successfully completing the RSM Honours Programme will be awarded 15 EC. These credits are extra-curricular, as the RSM Honours Programme cannot replace curricular courses in the Bedrijfskunde or IBA programme. Hence, the credits will be listed on a separate supplement to the Bachelor degree (and not on the official grade transcript).

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