The Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University sets high quality standards. Consequently, the Examination Board applies a strict anti-fraud policy.  

According to article 1.2 paragraph 2 Rules and Guidelines 'fraud' refers to:

the action or negligence of a student as a result of which it is impossible, entirely or in part, to form a correct judgment concerning his/her knowledge, insight and skills.

This includes, among others, cribbing, impersonation and plagiarism. 

If fraud is detected, the Examination Board may impose a penalty. This penalty can range from a reprimand to the exclusion of all examinations for one year. In a very serious case of fraud the Examination Board may even advise the Executive Board to end the enrolment for the programme of the student concerned once and for all. Usually, the minimum penalty is invalidation of the examination concerned and the exclusion of that examination for a period of one year. Obviously, condemned students are no longer eligible for additional exam opportunities or other exceptional measures. 

For detailed information on the university’s policy on fraud and plagiarism, please visit this website.

For more information about referencing and plagiarism please refer to the Handout Referencing

Fraud or plagiarism, it doesn't make you any better! Watch the video.