This regulation regarding calculators is based on appendix 1B of the regulation permitted devices for examinations (Regeling toegestane hulpmiddelen voor de centrale examens VO 2024 (CvTE-16.01424) voor vwo).


The examiner determines whether a calculator may be used as an aid during examinations. If a calculator is allowed, it should be specified: indicated the examiner allows the use of a simple calculator for basic operations or a graphing calculator.

During the lectures and/or in the course manual the examiner will indicate whether a calculator is allowed, and if so which kind. This information is also communicated via Canvas and is stated on the exam cover sheet.


Authorized calculators

Calculator for basic operations (non-graphing calculator)

If the exam cover sheet states that a non-graphing calculator is allowed during the examination, the following rules apply:

  1.  the calculator may not be connected to the mains;
  2. the calculator may not be charged during the examination;
  3. the calculator may not cause any noise nuisance;
  4. the calculator is not equipped with a paper roll, alarm system, or transmit and/or receive function;
  5. the calculator may not be alphanumeric;
  6. the calculator screen should not be able to display graphs;
  7. the calculator is not programmable;
  8. the calculator does not have a memory that can hold more than 10 numbers.

Graphing calculator

If the examiner decides to allow use of a graphing calculator then the following rules apply:

  1. The exam cover sheet states that the use of a graphing calculator is permitted;
  2. Acces to Memory mode must be blocked by putting the calculator into Exam mode (must be visible so that it is verifiable) or the memory must be cleared by resetting the calculator before the examination;
  3. Applications, programmes and (text) files are not accessible or usable;
  4. Cas-functionality is not available;
  5. Calculators with SD card slot may not contain an SD card during the examination; 
  6. During the examination, the graphing calculator may not be connected to the mains, or connected to other equipment and it may not be charged. In addition, calculators must be used silently and must not cause noise nuisance;
  7. It is not allowed to use the graphing calculator of another exam candidate during the examination;
  8. The exam candidate is not allowed to have two (graphing) calculators at the same time. 


The following graphing calculators may be used:



· fx-9860GII(SD); 

· fx-CG50. 


Hewlett Packard: 

· HP Prime 


Texas Instruments

· TI-84 Plus CE-T; 

· TI-Nspire CX (just the version without CAS); 

· TI-Nspire CX II-T (the version with or without CAS). 



· de graphing calculator of NumWorks


Older types, even those that were previously allowed, are no longer allowed.