In September 2014 a new rule to prevent fraud was introduced: during exams no papers and documents may be taken out of the exam hall.

In accordance with item 3.7 scrap paper, exam questions, answers and other exam related documents may not leave the exam hall during the exam.
This has led to numerous complaints from students, since they cannot check their answers right after the (Multiple Choice-) exam and it makes it difficult to enquire about or object to certain questions. To prevent this problem, the RSM Examination Board has decided to take the following measures:

  1. Students who remain seated at the examination location until the end of the examination time are allowed to take their scrap paper(s). This prevents answers from being communicated (digitally) prior to the end of the exam.
  2. With the help of Risbo it has become possible for students to see their scanned MC answers on the internet using the ExamSheet system. Their MC answers are sent to their email address shortly after the exam and they can check these with the questions on Canvas (see point 3)
  3. Examination questions and (model) answers should be posted (by the examiner) on Canvas right after the exam so that students can check which questions they have answered correctly/incorrectly. If a student lodges a complaint to the Examination Board then they can include this information to make their complaint more concrete. Upon request of the examiner the Examination Board may decide to exempt the examiner from posting the answers on Canvas in the event of special circumstances.