The process for registering for courses and workshops will from now on take place in OSIRIS instead of Sin-Online.  


Course registration

All students are automatically registered for the courses and regular exams in Osiris. More comprehensive information about course and exam registration can be found in the Osiris Student Manual

Workshop registration

B1 students and pre-master students are automatically registered for the workshops of block 1 courses. For the remaining blocks, first-year students can follow the steps below to enroll themselves in a workshop 

B2 students will be registered for courses you need to pass by Programme management. This registration includes all components of the course, including for workshops. However, you will still need to choose a workshop group yourself in Osiris Student. 


  • Go to Osiris student and select "Enrol". Then click on "Show my enrolments":

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  • Select the course for which you wish to choose a workshop group:

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  • Under “Selected groups”, you should see the group “General”. Then click on “Edit” to choose your group:

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  • You will now be able to choose a workshop group:

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  • Save it and then check again in 'Show my enrolments' to confirm that the correct workshop group has been saved accurately. It may take some time for the enrolment to be processed.

Third year students need to consult the course manuals as workshop group registration differs per course. The course manual will contain detailed information on this.

For an in-depth guide on the procedure for workshop enrollment in Osiris, kindly refer to the information presented below:

  • Go to OSIRIS Student, choose the enroll button and click on courses. Select the course and choose 'lecture'.
  • If a course has workshops, choose lecture and workshop.
  • Click on the green button: "Go to the next enrollment step".
  • Choose the group you prefer. Click on the green button: "Go to the next enrollment step".
  • Confirm enrolment.

When you have registered for the workshops, you can see the schedule in your Timetable. Check if you can see the group you registered for in your Timetable.