Erasmus Elite Sports offers support to students who combine their studies at Erasmus University with a professional sports career. If you practice sports at national or international competition level, you are eligible for registration as a top sport student. Currently, approximately 30 of these talents, ranging from swimmers to football players, are studying at RSM.


As student advisers we try our best to facilitate the combination sports – studies. We encourage you to come and see us to discuss the course planning for the upcoming trimester or the entire academic year. If you are unable to hand in an assignment in time or attend a mandatory lecture due to top sport obligations, we may, possibly after consideration with the course coordinator and/or the Examination Board, suggest for alternative arrangements to be made. We are very pleased to see that most top sport students perform well in both sports and studies.

Booking an appointment

The study advisor you can consult as a top athlete is Menno van der Hoorn. See the contact page for appointment options.

Note: you must choose "Bedrijfskunde"  as programme (even though you might study IBA) in the appointment system to see Menno listed as student adviser and thus be able to book an appointment with him.