Clear the cookies in the Chrome-browser before the start of your exam to avoid login-problems. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome-browser and click History > History > Clear browsing data.

The exam starts exactly at the communicated time of your exam. Do not leave your seat or change what is on your desk while you are waiting for the exam to start.

During the exam, act just as you would in a regular exam setting, except that you are not allowed to leave your seat. For example, one small, cold snack and one bottle or can with drink are allowed during your exam.

Small hick-ups in the internet connection may occur, you will be asked to reconnect the screen share in that case. Reconnect the screen share when asked, do not worry if this happens more than once.

Exam software does not work in protected (company) internet environments and computers. Please make sure to use a regular Wi-Fi/ethernet connection.

If there are other technical issues, ask for help in the chat at the bottom right of your screen in ProctorExam. You will receive an answer in a few minutes.

If applicable to your exam, do not wait with uploading photos until the end of the exam but do this several times during the exam.

Hang a sign on the outside of your door mentioning that you are taking an exam. No other people may be present in or enter the room during the examination.

Be aware of what is visible in your background. For your privacy, make sure pictures and personal items are out of sight during the exam.

Your PC must allow that a Google Chrome screen share extension is active during the exam, for more info: if you use a macOS (Apple device) > 2. Google Chrome