• A well-functioning laptop or a desktop computer. We recommend keeping the computer plugged in to the charger.

  • A stable internet connection (minimum upload speed 1.5 Mb p/s, check with e.g. www.speedtest.net). Use an internet cable if your Wi-Fi is not stable.

  • Your ERNA ID login credentials.

  • If applicable, permitted materials. Your teacher will inform you via Canvas and on the coversheet of the exam which materials are permitted (e.g. calculator, notes, etc.)

  • A quiet place to take your exam.

    Additionally, for proctored exams:
  • Google Chrome. The software that is used for proctored exams by EUR (ProctorExam) operates with an add-on that only works in combination with Google Chrome.

  • Make sure your laptop or desktop computer has well-functioning webcam and microphone.

  • Make sure you have a valid form of identification (Student card, ID or passport).