In the first half of the 3rd bachelor year you are required to create your own customized programme of 30 EC. In order to do so you can choose to do an internship in block 9 & 10 which will be awarded with 20 EC. 

Students that do a curricular internship as part of their RSM BSc Curriculum learn to:

  • Formulate personal learning goals based on a self-assessment, plans for their future career, and the professional context of the internship;
  • Monitor the development of skills and knowledge in a professional context;
  • Balance their own needs for learning with the need to perform well in a professional context;
  • Enhance their understanding of management models and theories by relating them to professional experiences.

For more detailed information about the 3rd year bachelor internship course in block 9 & 10 can be found on the Canvas page,

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