Students of the Bachelor programme, old style (cohort 2018-2019 and earlier) will have one more opportunity in 2022-2023 to take the assessment on the old material for each course from the old Bachelor year 3. After that, this opportunity will come to an end. You only get one chance to successfully complete your open courses. This means that no resit is offered.

You can find the transition rules per course and more information on the following pages:

Transition website: Transition rules IBA (per course)

Canvas page: Bachelor 3 IBA TRANSITION

  • Please note that in the curriculum, new style has shifted from a trimester schedule to a block schedule. The courses, old style that you still need to complete may now be offered in a different period than before. See also the BSc IBA Curriculum (from cohort 2019-2020 onwards) and the BSc IBA Academic Calendar.

IMPORTANT: If you are no longer able to complete your Bachelor degree, old style, you have the option to switch to the programme, new style (cohort 2019-2020 onwards). Click on the transition table for an overview of the courses you are exempted for, and which courses need to be completed in order to obtain the Bachelor degree, new style.

Additional questions on what it entails for you personally? Contact RSM IBA Study Advice.