Students may also pass the final exam with compensation of one failed course under the following conditions:

  • it concerns a B2 or B3 course with the exception of:
    • Old curriculum: the courses that are part of the Trimester 7 elective space with more than 7.5 EC and the Research Training/Bachelor Thesis, or
    • New curriculum: the Bachelor 3 courses with more than 7.5 EC (such as minorInternshipExchange, etc) and the Bachelor Project, and where
  • the relevant grade is between 4.5 and 5.5 and
  • the weighted average (GPA) is at least 7.0 (including the grade for the course to be compensated)

The B2/B3 compensation is only applied on request to the Examination Board. The grade for the compensated course will still be listed on your grade list and will count towards your GPA. Applications can be submitted via the Online Request Form.

Application deadline: TBD (around mid August 2023, 23:59h)

All compensation requests will be processed after TBD (August 2023).

The GPA is then calculated by the SPD (Study Progress & Diploma), after which the Examination Board will make a decision regarding whether or not to apply the compensation scheme. If you want to check your GPA in advance, we point out that this must be done manually. In Osiris, the GPA is only based on sufficient results. The GPA calculated by Osiris cannot therefore be used to determine whether a student is eligible for compensation, since the unsatisfactory mark for the course to be compensated has not been included in the calculation. 

Please note: compensation requests for B2/3 will only be processed if all grades of B2 and B3, including re-sits, are registered in Osiris.

For more information, visit the website of the Examination Board