The total size of the Elective space should not exceed 30 EC, unless the exceeding is caused by the size of one course (in that case you will graduate with more than 180 EC). If a student completes more than 30 EC of approved courses counting towards the B3 Elective space then the student may choose which courses should be on the grade transcript of the programme (and should thus count towards the GPA). The other course(s) will appear on a separate transcript.

International Exchange

If a student chooses to do the International Exchange Programme, then this will take precedence over any other examination part within the Elective space of Bachelor 3. An international exchange is worth between 20 - 30 EC. Internships, minors or electives can be used to fill up the rest of the 30 EC. In case a student completes more than 30 EC of approved courses, these will appear on a separate transcript and thus not be taken into account for GPA calculations (unless the exceeding is caused by the size of one course).

Minor + Internship 

If you did both a minor (15 EC) and an internship (20 EC) and no other electives then both will appear under Bachelor 3 courses on the diploma. However, only graded courses will count towards the GPA (internships are assessed with a pass/fail). You will graduate with 185 EC in total. 

Switching Electives

As the elective courses are not mandatory, they often appear under 'Other', and are not automatically added to your official study programme. If you would like to make a request to switch one of the electives that currently appears under 'other' with an elective which appears under 'Bachelor 3' please download your study progress overview from Osiris and proceed as follows: 

  • Requests for RSM electives and language electives can be made via
  • Requests for electives from other faculties/universities can be made via the Osiris Case before 1 August 

More information

You can read about other combinations and rules within the elective space of Bachelor 3 in the TER. You can find the documents at the bottom of this page.