RSM offers bachelor students the opportunity to participate in an exchange programme at one of our valued academic partners worldwide during block 9, 10 and 11 of the 3rd bachelor year (typically from late August until December/January). During an exchange programme students compete, study and work with the best students at mostly top business schools. You can further develop your academic skills and broaden your knowledge by participating in courses other than the ones at RSM.


The International Office arranges a comprehensive information briefing in the spring specifically for first-year Bachelor students as preparation starts then already. As they enter their second year of studies, two information sessions will be provided, and these will be followed by an application deadline in November. The selection process occurs in January, with results expected to be disclosed in the initial week of February, during your second year of the bachelor's program. Further information about this distinctive opportunity can be accessed via the International Office's website. However, the primary resource is the "RSM Bachelor Exchange" canvas page, where you will find comprehensive information about all the requirements, along with a detailed explanation of the application and selection procedures. Additionally, you can explore study reports from students who have participated in the past. To stay updated and receive relevant information, it's necessary to enroll yourself.


Please note: students need to complete Bachelor 1 in their first year of enrolment at RSM (60 EC) before they start the Bachelor 2 programme. Students should be enrolled in Bachelor 2 at the time of application. The exchange programme is awarded with a pass/fail in your BSc study programme.



Please contact the International Office (contact details at the bottom of their page).