RSM bachelor students can take a Minor in block 9 (15 EC) or block 9, 10, and 11 (30 EC), either at the EUR or at another university (TU Delft, Leiden University, or others). At the EUR you can choose between a broadening minor or a deepening minor.

Broadening minors broaden your knowledge. The subjects are in addition to the existing subjects in the curriculum. You can choose broadening minors from RSM, but also from other faculties. The complete range of minors from all EUR faculties can be found here

Deepening minors are minors where prior knowledge is important, because the subject matter is explored in more depth. Deepening minors can only be taken at your own faculty. RSM offers one deepening minor; the minor Accounting SkillsThis minor is a pre-requisite for post-master education in accounting (i.e., Register Accountant).

Bedrijfskunde (BA) students can also choose the Educatieve Minor Economie, which offers you the opportunity to become acquainted with teaching. This educational minor comprises 30 EC. Please note that there are additional admission requirements for this minor. There is also a different registration period (in April).

Registration minor

The minor period at the EUR is in the first 10 weeks of the academic year (September - November). Re-sits are in July. Students interested in taking a minor at the EUR in the upcoming academic year will be able to register on a first come first served basis in May. The registration for selection minors takes place in April.

On this website you can find all deadlines, detailed information about all EUR Minors, including the RSM minors, and information about taking a minor outside of the EUR. The EUR website provides all of the options available to you, explains how to register, provides an overview of accepted Minors per programme, and lists all Minors in alphabetical order and also thematically per faculty. 

Please note: You may only register for a Minor if you have obtained 60 EC from the RSM bachelor 1 programme at the time of registration (in May). Students who register for a minor, but do not meet this requirement, will automatically be de-registered by the EUR Minor Coordination. 


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