In addition to a minor, international exchange, internship or electives, it is also possible to join one of the projects below organized by I DO and TU DelftYou will be able to acquire 15 EC upon successfully completing one of these projects. 

For more information on these projects, please click on the links below. 

I DO Project (15 EC) 

I DO is an innovative and student co-created course that you can take in your second year of your bachelor studies in addition to your regular courses. I DO connects ambitious and open-minded bachelor students with international NGOs through an academic programme that equips them with additional skills and tools to best propel the NGOs’ developments forward. Click here for more information.

Joint Interdisciplinary Project (15 EC)


The Joint Interdisciplinary Project (JIP) is an exceptional opportunity to incorporate real interdisciplinary teamwork into your study programme. You will work together with passionate fellow students and companies in technical innovation ‘in the niche’ on a business case to create innovative impact. Click here for more information.

STAR Management Week (15 EC)

The STAR Management Week (SMW) is the largest off-campus business and recruitment event of the Benelux and one of the highlights of the year at the RSM. The organization SMW is a challenging task for which only senior members of STAR are recruited that meet a range of requirements, both in the field of content and in the field of skills and attitude. The committee members will be evaluated based on their Personal Development, a Work Reflection Report, and a Research R. Click here for more information.