If you cannot take an exam due to unforeseen circumstances, it is not possible to retake this particular exam sooner than the scheduled re-sit for this specific course. The re-sit periods for each block can be found in the academic calendar. Exams will be held on campus.

Thus, if you are traveling or staying abroad on the day of the exam (e.g. for an internship or an exchange programme), are taking care of someone, have an injury that limits your mobility or have an acute case of Covid-19, or if you need to attend a family or job-related event, you cannot take the exam via online proctoring. If you can’t attend the exam on campus due to these or similar reasons, you can take the re-sit

If very serious, chronic, medical circumstances prevent you from taking an exam or more exams on campus, please contact the student advisers. You can find their contact options and availability on this website