RSM students who are looking for an international experience at home, can take an online elective at another renowned European business school and have these credits included in their Bachelor programme. 

The ECOL programme is the perfect opportunity to be exposed to different academic perspectives and teaching styles at other top European universities:

  • Internationalization at home
  • Online elective exchange
  • Experience a different European teaching style
  • Each course characterizes the uniqueness of the ECOL institutions
  • Learn new topics that are not available at your home university
  • Credits obtained will be included in your Bachelor grade list & result registered as 'pass' (no impact on your GPA)
  • No extra tuition fee will be charged
  • Receive an official transcript as proof of participation and credit conversion

How to apply

For more information about admission requirements, course offers and application, please visit the Canvas course European Common of Online Learning.

For questions, please contact the RSM International Office via