Next to the different tracks, there are 2 compulsory courses for all Bachelor 3 students. Below you'll find a short description for both courses. For more information per course, please consult the Course CatalogueIf no information is available for the current academic year, you may have to select the course from the previous academic year (subject to change). 

Block 12: B3101 - Advanced Research Methods (3 EC)

The Advanced Research Methods (ARM) course is first of all a methodology course that builds on the second year Research Project and prepares for the Bachelor Project. This course will: 

  • Explain the complete research process by applying the research cycle model. 
  • Discuss the variety of approaches to research (research strategies) as a tool to help solve managerial problems.
  • Teach approaches to critical synthesis of academic and professional literature. 
  • Provide a framework for critical reflection on research results.
  • Teach how to use academic research as a tool to become a force for positive change in the world.

Block 13: B3102 - Digital Business (5 EC)

In this course, we focus on Digital Business and discuss the differences between digitizing business operations, and truly becoming a digital business. 

  • We analyze different digital business models and strategies to leverage value across various channels. 
  • We investigate how digital businesses use the information they can receive from customers across the different stages of the customer journeys. 
  • We explore various digital governance models and discuss the importance of IT security and privacy in the context of digital business. 
  • We focus on the future opportunities and challenges of digital business, in terms of technology, business models, and management practices.