As a Bachelor student at RSM you have the opportunity to conduct an internship to meet 20 EC of the first half of the 3rd year. An internship can offer you the chance to experience the real business life, to put theories you have learned into practice, and to develop relevant business skills. It will also help you to choose your master and future career.

The internship should include the research of a practical problem that is carried out at an organisation in the Netherlands or abroad. Within this research, you should apply the theoretical knowledge that you have gained so far, with the emphasis on the practical component of the research.

  • The 20 EC internship must last between 13-15 weeks full-time.

Once you have found an internship, the first step would be to register your internship via Osiris Student in order to be assigned an academic coach. Click on "case" (or "zaak" in Dutch), fill out the required fields and submit your internship proposal. 

For information about finding an internship, meeting the specific requirements for receiving credits, and much more, please consult the RSM Career Centre website, or the Internship Canvas page “RSM BSc Internship”. 

For an overview of available internships, please refer to the RSM Career Portal or the RSM Career Centre website. 


Please contact the RSM Career Centre (contact details at the bottom of their page). 

Please note: You can only receive credits for an internship if you have successfully passed all B1 courses (60 EC) prior to the start of your internship. Only internships that have been registered via Osiris Student before the start date of the internship are eligible for grading. Internships are assessed with a pass/fail.