You have received approval to take your exam via online proctoring. Recently ANS and ProctorExam have finished integrating their applications. This means the following:

  • You will not receive a separate e-mail from ProctorExam with a link to the system check* and exam.
  • 15 minutes before the exam starts you log in to ANS ( using Google Chrome.
  • You select the exam in the list of ‘Scheduled assignments’ (please note in case the exam has already started, you can find the exam in the list of ‘Live assignments’)
  • Click the button ‘Launch ProctorExam’ (scroll down for the button)
  • Follow the instructions for setting up ProctorExam
  • Once you have done this, please click on the link in ProctorExam to go back to ANS
  • You are now ready to start with the exam

* The ProctorExam system check is no longer a required action. You will start ProctorExam via ANS. You are urgently advised to check your own systems well before the exam date. Please visit: 

Students are also strongly encouraged to take these tests, especially the proctored one as it is a great way to test the system and check upfront if all requirements are met.

RSM Practice test (2022/2023) (online proctored)

RSM Practice test (2022/2023)

Your PC must allow that a Google Chrome screen share extension is active during the exam, for more info: 

In order to use the second camera via your mobile phone or tablet, you need to install the ProctorExam app: 

    ProctorExam app for Apple 

    ProctorExam app for Android

If you encounter problems or if you have questions during the exam, do not hesitate to reach out via the chat at the bottom right of the ProctorExam screen.

More information about online proctoring at EUR/RSM can be found here.

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