Unless otherwise mentioned, the term of validity for passed courses – including approved courses of another degree programme –  and granted exemptions is in principle unlimited. 

In derogation from the preceding paragraph and as long as the final exam has not been passed yet, the Examination Board, in consultation with the Academic Director, may declare the term of validity of a course passed more than six years ago, expired if – in its judgement – the knowledge, insights or skills taught during the course have become obsolete. In that case, the Examination Board can impose an additional or alternative course or examination, before the student may pass the final exam.  

If the examination of a course is composed of more than one test, the term of validity of each test shall be limited to the academic year in which the tests are taken. In exceptional circumstances, upon substantiated request of the examiner, the Examination Board can approve derogation from this rule. Approved derogations must be explicitly mentioned in the course manual.