Almost graduating? Please check the following steps.

Verify your grades & details 

Download your Study Progress Overview via Osiris (see these steps). Verify that all your grades have been correctly recorded in Osiris. Contact the course coordinator/professor if grades are missing/incorrect. Double-check your personal details in Osiris (full name, date and place of birth etc.) as these personal details will appear on your diploma as stated in Osiris. If personal details are incorrect, you need to change them via Studielink.

Note: if all your grades have been processed, and you have received all credits (at least 180 EC), but your study progress overview still states 'passed: No', please contact the SPD-team (Study Progress & Diploma) via, so that they can adjust it manually.

More than 30 EC in your elective space?

Verify that the correct courses are listed under B3 profiling/elective. As the elective courses are not a mandatory, they often appear under 'Other', and are not automatically added to your official study programme. If you would like to make a request to switch one of the electives that currently appears under 'other' with an elective which appears under 'Bachelor 3' please download your study progress overview from Osiris and proceed as follows: 

  • Requests for RSM electives and language electives can be made via
  • Requests tor electives from other faculties/universities can be made via before 5 August 2022 (subject: IBA elective switch request for final transcript)

See also this page for more details.

Want to compensate a course? 

Deadline to request the B2/B3 compensation is 14 August 2022, 23:59h. See the Examination Board's page for the requirements & procedure, and see here the Online Request Form.

For further information, please consult this this page.

Your diploma

RSM BSc uses active conferral of degrees. This means that the Study Progress & Diploma Team (SPD) periodically checks which students have met all graduation requirements for their Bachelor's degree program (180 EC), based on information in Osiris. Because many students may still have re-sits, the SPD team will run the active conferral of degrees after 18 August 2022.

If you do not need your diploma or a graduation statement earlier, it is not necessary to request your diploma. As soon as you meet all graduation requirements, you will automatically be included in active conferral of degrees after August 18, 2022. More information can be found on this page.

Need your diploma earlier? 

Then you can request your diploma once all your grades have been correctly recorded and after verifying your personal details (before 18 August 2022). Request your diploma via OSIRIS Student – Cases by following these steps:

  1. Log in to OSIRIS Student
  2. Go to the ‘Cases’ tab and click on ‘My cases’
  3. Click on ‘Start Case’ and select the application form for RSM
  4. After completing all the questions, click ‘Submit’

You can monitor the progress of your application in the ‘My cases’ section. If your submitted application is complete, the SPD team will change the status of your application to ‘approved application’ and will start with creating your diploma documents. If your application is not complete, the SPD team will reject the application and you will receive a message about what you still need to do to be able to submit an application again. For more information, please consult this page.

Collect your diploma

There are 3 options available:

  1. Pick up in person: If you have indicated that you want to collect your diploma in person, you will receive a confirmation email from the Study Progress & Diploma team (SPD) including a link once your diploma is ready for pick-up. Via that link you can access an online reservation page to schedule an appointment with the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC) in the Sanders Building to collect your diploma. Remember to bring along a valid ID card.
  2. Authorize someone else: It is also possible to have someone else pick up your diploma after making an appointment using the link you have received from the SPD team. To make use of this option you will need to fill out and sign this document (downloadable PDF). This form needs to be presented during the appointment.
  3. Send by postIf you no longer live in the Netherlands you can also ask the Study Progress & Diploma team (via to send your diploma to your home address abroad by registered post at your own expense. Please be aware that your diploma will be issued only once, so sending it by post is entirely at your own risk.

Graduation statement

When the active or passive conferral of degrees has been processed by SPD, each student will automatically receive a graduation statement per email. More information can be found on this page.

Graduating throughout the academic year / bachelor study > 3 years

When you finish your last bachelor courses somewhere after your third year, active conferral of your degree applies. This means that, once you have passed all courses of your 180 EC bachelor programme (and they are all recorded in Osiris), all of your grades will be final and no further changes can be made to your grade list (including re-sits for a higher grade). 

You will still need to request your official diploma yourself, by following the above mentioned steps. Make sure you collect your diploma before you deregister as a student.

Additional information

Graduates who are in need of additional information can contact BSc Programme Management via