When you have to provide proof that you have obtained a course outside Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Examination Board will ask you to provide either the official grade transcript or a certified copy of your grade transcript.

This is for example the case when you have obtained an elective at another university for which you have already received the approval by the Examination Board. Or when you request for an exemption based on a course obtained at another university. 

Please note that if it concerns a course offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam then you do not need to provide this proof, because we can check ourselves in Osiris whether or not you have obtained the course.

The Examination Board only accepts the following types of documents: 

  • The original grade transcript (on paper) shown at the Examination Board's Office (T5-41)
  • A certified copy of the grade transcript (on paper) with the stamp and signature of the (foreign) university where you obtained the course, shown at the Examination Board's Office (T5-41). The university declares with the stamp and signature that it is a copy of the original. We need to see the original stamp and signature, therefore we do not accept scans or copies of this document!
  • The (foreign) university sends the certified grade transcript directly to ec@rsm.nl as an attachment. We do not accept attachments that are sent or forwarded to us by the student.
  • The (foreign) university sends a verification link to ec@rsm.nl in order to verify the grade transcript digitally. We do not accept verification links that are sent or forwarded to us by the student. 

All other forms or types of documents will not be accepted, for example a copy or scan of (the certified copy of) the grade transcript or an uncertified study progress overview from Osiris.