In the second half of the Bachelor 3 year (block 12, 13 and 14, mid-February to end of June) students are required to choose one out of the 6 available Tracks. 

A track is a combination of 3 compulsory courses (5 EC each) and the Bachelor Project (7 EC), 22 EC in total, on a coherent field within business administration. The Bachelor Project – the successor of the former Bachelor Thesis – clearly belongs to the chosen track and entails a mix of individual and group work. The execution of the BSc Project will vary from track to track.

Requirement: students can only register for a Track after they have completed all B1 courses (=60 EC). Students cannot reserve a spot while completing B1 courses.

Next to the different tracks, there are 2 compulsory courses for all Bachelor 3 students.

  • Block 12: B3101 - Advanced Research Methods (3 EC)
  • Block 13: B3102 - Digital Business (5 EC)

For more information per course, please consult the Course Catalogue. If no information is available for the current academic year, you may have to select the course from the previous academic year (subject to change).

Students can only choose the full track (it is not possible to take courses across tracks). Students need to register their preferences for a track from 1 September until 30 September via Osiris. At the end of October an algorithm will be used to allocate students to the tracks. The lottery will take the order of the preferences into account. Please note that the tracks have a maximum capacity and there is no guarantee that you will be placed in your first preference. Please make sure to indicate your preferences 1 until 6 (so include all 6 tracks!). The tracks are not a requirement for admission to a certain MSc programme offered at RSM.

Are you still doubting which track you should choose? Fill in the Track Quiz!

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